Outcomes and Outputs

The outcomes of the SQUARE project will be observed at the policy and institutional level. The project will result in the cultural evolution, stemming from:

  • Increased awareness, understanding and knowledge of 3M
  • Acknowledgment of  the importance of 3M for HEIs and society
  • Evolution of the QA and accreditation.

At the policy level,  one of the most important outcomes of the project is the official statement of support of the development of the 3M of universities by the government, which is reflected in the policy paper, acting as the reference document and applied to all Georgian HEIs. 3M development will be advocated at a national level.

The clear goal for future development will be set by:

  • Definition of 3M in the national context
  • A clear indication of the expected contribution of the HEIs to the development of the Georgian society
  • Recommendations on the articulation of 3M with teaching and research
  • Mid and long-term objectives for 3M development.

The cultural evolution, on both regulatory and institutional levels, will be supported by the renewed standards for external QA evaluation, which will be completed to include a specific set of criteria and methodology for assessment. 

At the institutional level,  the project will lead to the fundamental evolution as Georgian universities will have a strategy for 3M development, which ensures institutional engagement and support, organizational commitment. Results of the 3M will be monitored and with the 3M becoming a recognized part of the university mission, cultural change occurs. Capacities are built and staff is well-trained (awareness, knowledge and skills) to implement and efficiently manage 3M activities.

Top management representatives are trained on 3M planning, having the capacity for the evaluation of 3M and the realization of strategic plans, they understand the 3M importance, its contribution to the institution’s vision and mission, its articulation with teaching and research and the conditions needed to improve the university contribution to the society, know how to evaluate the portfolio of 3M activities, select and include the most meaningful in the institution’ strategic development. 

Experts from each institution (9 per each, coming from all functions in the universities – faculty, specialized staff, quality officers, etc.) are trained in techniques on implementing 3M activities, whether cultural, social or economic, which give them the technical knowledge and observation. The trained experts disseminate the knowledge to other staff members.

The project envisages the implementation (pilot) of the 3M activity, based on the directions of the strategic plan. Pilots contribute to the cultural change in the universities, illustrating the contribution the institution makes to its environment, how the HEI can open up to other public and bring new publics to the university. 3M is not a theoretical concept anymore; it demonstrates the relevance and difference it makes, through real, observable activities with tangible results.