Work Packages

Preparation (WP1) - allows institutions to know where they are starting from, builds a common understanding on 3M and the activities covered. Training seminars and a study tour in Europe enable 8 universities to engage in the mapping of all their 3M activities. Sharing the practice during the presentation workshop allows benchmarking and identifying examples for replication and provides the regulatory bodies a clear and actualized vision of 3M activities at the nationwide level. 

The accurate inventory & mapping of 3M activities serve as the foundation for strategic planning (WP2), which allows institutions to know where they are going. It trains the HEI top management on strategic planning and allows the institution to design its strategic plan, which sets the direction for the next 5 years. The plans give a clear view of the evolution of the sector. 

The approbation of the strategic plan in each university gives impetus and direction for 3M, serving as a basis for activities implementation (WP3), which allows institutions to know how to reach their goals fixed by WP2. Trainings on the 3 main categories of 3M (cultural, social and economic) and job shadowing ensures that all aspects of 3M management (and the whole life cycle of activities are covered and transmitted to the participants. Knowledge transfer events disseminate the key learning points of the trainings and shadowing and stimulate a cultural evolution, building awareness on 3M. 

WP4 ensures the pilot implementation of 3M activities. Each institution selects a key activity, based on the strategic plan developed in WP2 and implements it, using the skills acquired in WP3. Each HEI is accompanied by an EU mentor, advising and guiding them through the process. This phase provides reference material and best practices to be used for exploitation and feeds the reflection on how 3M articulates with teaching & research hand ow one benefits from the others. The activities carried out at each institution provide a wide real-life panorama of how 3M contributes to the community. 

WP5 concentrates on the regulatory bodies. A study tour is organized in Europe to allow high level contacts and observe how 3M is promoted in Europe, based on this WP and on the observation of all previous activities, the MoES issues its position paper, providing directions that apply to all Georgian HEIs and shaping the evolution of the higher education in terms of 3M. NCEQE upgrades its QA and accreditation system, completes the current system with objectives, recommendations, criteria and assessment methodologies. It builds on the exchanges of expertise and best practices with other agencies (national & professional) during the study tour. 

WP6 supports all Georgian institutions to plan and implement their 3M, summarizes the key learning points from the seminars and completes them with real-life best practices and recommendations from the 8 pilot key activities. Two guidelines are published respectively targeted at top management and at 3M actors. 

The quality of all results and deliverables is verified by WP7 that also monitors the progress and achievement of the project, through a set of internal provisions and external reviews. It assesses not only the outcomes on the target groups but also the wider impact of the project on the society. 

WP8 continuously informs and disseminates the results of the project among the target audiences. The upgraded national QA system is presented at the final conference as well as the guidelines for strategic planning and implementation to all the Georgian universities.