The project strengthens the higher education governance and planning, delivery and management of 3M activities.

The impact on the higher education system is achieved by a combination of top-down approach and bottom-up cultural change and adoption process, both contributing to the modernisation of Higher Education. 

Regulatory level 

  1. Position Paper on 3M - Official statement applying to all HEIs of the country, which clarifies the role of 3M as one of the three main goals of the universities and underlines its importance. Encourages articulation, interaction and complementarity of the 3 missions.
  2. Upgraded QA system for accreditation and authorization -  3M of universities are integrated in the national QA system, criteria are added to the accreditation system and methodologies for assessment developed. The results of 3M and their outcomes are assessed.

The systemic change results from the project activities and outcomes:

  • 3M is no longer ‘optional’ and left to the discretion of the universities, but becomes an integral part of the HEI’s role. This reflects in the vision and mission of the institution and is communicated to all stakeholders (internal and external). 
  • The universities become accountable of the accomplishment of the 3M and of its results, the QA system incorporates  3M specific criteria and assessment methodology.
  • 3M strategic plans are developed and once approved, set the objectives, indicate the expected results, the activities to reach these results and allocate the necessary resources (human, financial and material).  Systematic assessment and evaluation are conducted to ensure the consistency of 3M activities with the university’s mission and vision. 3M activities are evaluated to identify links and contributions to the teaching and research activities. 

In the universities, the recognition of 3M as a fundamental goal of the institution facilitates a cultural evolution. Staff involvement in 3M activities is recognized and valorised as contributing to the institution’s mission. 3M activities are not considered secondary anymore compared to teaching and research; synergies are pursued and cooperation is encouraged.