Aims and Objectives

The project aims at improving the quality and relevance of third mission activities in Georgian HEIs, increasing their scope and impact. The project aims to ensure the official support and encouragement for third mission activities and include it as an integral role of the universities, for which they become accountable, to put in place the necessary conditions to increase the relevance of activities through adequate strategic planning, as well as their quality and impact through efficient implementation and monitoring.


Objectives of the project are:

  1. Recognition of the importance of 3M, by officially confirming 3M as part of the university role and a fundamental commitment for which universities are accountable.
  2. Developing and testing criteria and assessment methodologies for 3M, upgrading the national quality assurance system and the accreditation procedures accordingly, which will ensure the systematic assessment of 3M.
  3. Ensuring strategic planning for 3M at universities, which includes the review of the existing activities and the analysis of potential opportunities and is fully aligned with the institutional mission and goals, the long-term objectives, the allocation of the necessary resources and the monitoring of the implementation and evaluation of results. 
  4. Putting in place all conditions to optimise the quality and impact of the 3M activities.